About Us
About Us

Coming from villages and small towns in Northern and Central India, we grew up seeing handmade skills in our day-to-day activities. From the sounds of Chhipa in our backyard to Salim Bhai bringing embroidered linen from Asansol in exchange for utensils. 

It's those memories and stories that have stayed with us.

Just like our Dadi or Naani's Potli that would have an assortment of memoirs. 

Craftpotli aims to bring handmade memoirs by retaining traditional practices/ motifs/ stories. We particularly focus on remote tribal communities of India to improve their livelihoods by curating products that derive roots from their dwellings/ forests. 

As a responsible business, we also realize that if each of us focuses on upcycling/ recycling we will contribute to a better living and a happier planet. In this endeavor, we dedicate an entire customized service of upcycling/ recycling your products by giving them a fresh lease of life by infusing traditional art forms. 

Come let's explore the Potli with us and unravel the many stories millions of hands hold. 

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