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Gond Spiked Cuff
Gond Spiked Cuff
Gond Spiked Cuff

Gond Spiked Cuff

₹ 3,800

Product Description

Worn by Gond tribe of Nabarangpur , Koraput. These were made in older timed for self defense as women went into the jungle surrounded by shrubs and wild animals . 

One of kind vintage piece, as you support an Adivasi family as they part from their own collection to supplement incomes, the need of which arises due to decreasing forest/farmlands/ ongoing floods etc.

Specification: Inner dia: 2 inch ,

fastening using metal/ bamboo stick 


About the Piece

  • Its pure hand chiseled we have cleaned but not polished it at all to keep it raw finish intact.
  • The ornament belongs to one of the listed Particularly Vulnerable Tribes Groups.
  • ( Bonda/ Kondha) and are rarely made now ( only for marriages etc)
  • This is vintage piece and aged about 20- 30 years old and has very high museum value.
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